Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Medical alert to catch a killer

The reason to wear medical alert such as pendant or necklace may come to high possibility to catch a burglar,thief or even a killer.What had happened somewhere in March 2012 to a Black Marine veteran maybe a negative impression but if we look at it in a positive way this might turn to a very strong needs to have a medical pendant.Watch this video below.

What had happened to Kenneth Chamberlain Sr 68, was not a mistake at all.Look at it in a positive side instead of taking it into judgement of not wearing a medical alert.Even though the involved police name was not  released, the wearing of medical alert stand still as a workable and efficient tools to save life.

“In the other incidents that you have out here of questionable shootings, the officers' names were given out. So it only makes my family and I wonder why isn't this officer’s name released?” said Chamberlain Jr. “Had that been myself or any other citizen inside here that shot and killed someone, our whole life history would be on television, on the radio and in the newspaper. I feel that it’s only right, it’s only fair that that officer’s name be released.”

As an incident's conclusion , the medical alert actually is a very effective tool to catch a killer when the alarm triggered even in such a conspiracy cases as above.

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