Tuesday, January 17, 2012

medic alert necklace-Even a necklace poem shows an importance

The Necklace

I'd been invited to a ball.
My gown was nice, but needed more.
And so I gave a friend a call,
Who lent a necklace which I wore.
The diamonds sparkled in the light.
I felt so special with them on.
In joy, I danced away the night,
Till I noticed the necklace gone.
I couldn't find it anywhere.
So, I bought one like it instead.
The years of debt were hard to bear.
One day I told my friend. She said,

'All your problems were such a waste, '
'Because that necklace was just paste.

The necklace poem by Ima Ryma

The necklace which I deliberately picked from Ima Ryna page showed on how the necklace are needed and how the necklace might lost to cover debt etc.

It also showed us how the importance of wearing necklace all time for protection.The same credit goes to medical necklace.The importance of wearing medical necklaces are defininitely valuable to all in lifesaving and further medical judgement.

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