Friday, September 23, 2011

Do not let your loved ones suffer in longer pain

Hi folks,

This is quite relevant to what I keep explaining to everyone about why we need to wear and use either each one of these medical alert item:-
1)medical necklace
2)medical bracelet
3)medical alarm

My neighbour has a cerebral palsy daughter of age about 3 years old.One unlucky day his daughter having a very hard fever and the body temperature went straight up to more than 37 degree celcius and needs an immediate doctor's attention.Unfortunately both my neighbour were at their office.His daughter start crying and her body shivering like she was in a deep need for help.
Their maid started to panic and forgot the things she needs to do.It was about 30 minutes later she called her employer and asked for help.The cerebral palsy daughter was suffering and getting worst at that time when the help arrived.From stage 1 it went straight to stage 3 cerebral palsy which needs most attention from custodian.It means her daughter was almost totally paralysed with no reflects from any parts of her body.

I was quite shocked to hear this.It cannnot be happened like that if he had a medical alarm whereby fast attention he obviously can get from medical personnel.At least the monitoring medical alarm company could go to the site immediately.

Do not let your loved ones suffer in longer pain.


elnoremacey said...

I too agree with you that one should definitely look forward to such devices which help in monitoring the health and in case of emergency one can get the medical aid at time..
medical alarm systems

Alex Smith said...

Yes I agree medical jewelry can be very handy in emergency situations like the one you mentioned. In panic situations usually people forget important things. A medical bracelet or necklace will help the doctor to give the right medicine to the patient.

sord87 said...

Alex smith

I am sorry for replying late of your comment.All your stated statement was very sharp and straight to the point.TQ for all that!