Friday, April 2, 2010

medic alert necklace-Friendship can extend life

These might sound like mere homespun sentiments,but in fact,there is solid scientific evidence that friendship can extend life.More than 100 studies attest to friendship's health benefits,strong social networks are shown to:

  • Boost people's chances of surviving life threatening illnesses.
  • Give them stronger,more resilient immune systems.
  • Give people longer life expectancies than those without social support.
  • Improve people's mental health.
There were case somewhere in Alameda County California whereby a  few researcher who had conducted a tracking health found that people who had the most social connections were less than half as likely to die during the nine year period as those who had the fewest.In some of them a lack of social support raised the risk of premature death even more than smoking cigarettes.

Friendship can extend life ,seems to make a difference when it comes to more mundane ailments too.A study of how the friendship can extend life led to a researched conducted by Carneggie Mellon University in Pittsburgh in 2002 and being participate by 276 volunteers who had been dripped cold viruses into their noses then quarantined them for five days.Subjects who had wide range of friends and acquaintances had a quarter the chance of catching cold as those whose social networks were minimal.People with plentiful social support are also less likely to suffer from depression,anxiety and other types of mental illness.The result almost shown that friendship can really extend life.

Keeping connected

Just scientists are discovering more ways that friendship enhances our lives,overstuffed schedules make it hard to keep up with our pals.Friendship can extend life works when we can flourish it by giving a little nurturing to make it so!A few tips below might help suggestion made by sociologists.

  • Stop feeling guilty that you cannot spend lots of time with old friends,like you did years ago.Acknowledge that your lives have changed,and do whatever you can now to maintain the relationship.Use e-mail texting and other electronic devices to stay in touch when you have small bits of time.
  • Meet for coffee or an early morning walk before you start your workday.
  • Schedule a regular 'Friends time out' in which you set aside one.
  • Invite a friend to share everyday activities you normally do alone,such as exercising,doing errands or going to your kid's football game.
  • Try to be there for key events in your friend's life-wedding,graduations and funerals.
  • In most events and occasions such as reunions,gathering or any social meet,your presence will make a difference.

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