Wednesday, April 28, 2010

medic alert necklace-Checking on your heart disease IQ

After some researches on how to check our heart disease IQ,I had come across a few questions which indicates to heart disease IQ.As a matter of fact heart disease has become one of the biggest killer to people all over the world and  Asia.s no one biggest killer.Nowadays people cannot deny heart disease has a long list of risks,symptoms and treatments so myths,half truths and misconceptions abound.Take this quiz and reveal the facts. 

  1. If you are carrying 15 or more extra kilos-putting you at significantly higher heart disease risk-you must shed them all to help your health.Myth or fact?
  2. More women die from breast cancer than from heart disease.Myth or fact?
  3. You should never eat eggs if you are worried about cholesterol.Myth or fact?
  4. Daily walking is enough to help your heart.Myth or fact?
  5. If you quit smoking,your heart can quickly recover.Myth or fact?
  6. Only saturated fats are dangerous for your heart.Myth or fact?
  7. If you are a postmenopausal woman,hormone replacement therapy helps prevent heart disease.Myth or fact?
  8. A glass of red wine a day is good for your heart.Myth or fact?
  9. Heavy stress contributes to heart disease risk.Myth or fact?
  10. Diabetes increases your risk of heart disease.Myth or fact?

  • Myth-This is what an associate professor and cardiologist at University says.When you lose weight across the waist,the body's ability to handle cholesterol and blood sugar improves significantly.

  • Myth-For women ,heart disease starts later than it does for men and it peaks seven to ten years after menopause.

  • Myth-Harvard study followed 118000 healthy people for about a decade and found that consuming an egg a day did not increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.However there are limitations to take yolk per week.

  • Fact-20 minutes of light to moderate exercise a day is reducing the risk of death from heart disease approximately 30 percent.

  • Fact-Researchers has shown that about 2 to 3 years after quit smoking ,risk of having heart attack drops to that of someone who has never smoked.

  • Myth-Trans fatty acids created when manufacturers hydrogenate oils to make foods last longer-also can harm your heart.It doubled the harm to our body.

  • Myth-Health science authority of Singapore suggested Hormone Replacement Therapy not be used to prevent heart disease.

  • Fact-Several studies have suggested that moderate alcohol consumption usually defined as 3 to 9 drinks per week reduces the death rate from cardiovascular disease.

  • Myth-maybe -Never been seriously researched that heavy stress contributes to heart disease risk.However the probabilities are still there.

  • Fact-People who suffer from diabetes are up to 4 times as likely to suffer coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.


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    The purpose of a medical alert id is to “talk” for you when you may not be able to talk during an emergency. It will act as your personal safety measure by telling medical attendants or doctors of specific medical ailments or allergies.

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