Friday, March 12, 2010

medic alert necklace-catching alzheimer's early

Until now the only way to definitely diagnose Alzheimer's disease was with autopsy.Now investigations in London say they can spot the disease in the living-before a person shows signs of mental decline.

The researchers used a special MRI technique to track changes in the brains of four symptomless people from families in whom Alzheimer's was common.

After monitoring the patients for several years,the doctors found they could detect brain cell degeneration three years in advance of any symtoms(All four patients went on to develop the memory robbing disorder)

The scientists then tried the technique on 20 Alzheimer's patients and 20 healthy people.The patients had much greater brain shrinkage when compared with the healthy group.

Being able to diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's long before mental damage is evident raises the hope that doctors can develop therapies to prevent the disease.




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