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medic alert necklace-medic alert necklace

What Are The Jewelry Options For Men?

For many decades, most jewelry beyond a pocket watch or wedding ring were reserved for women. You would never see a man other than a pirate, wearing an earring or having any portion of his body pierced with an ornament. These days, men wear a wide range of jewelry, and many are influenced by hip-hop culture to get jewel-encrusted rings, necklaces and teeth covers.

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What are the best jewelry gifts for men and how much jewelry is considered ideal?


Most men do not wear bracelets. That type of jewelry has not quite caught the fancy of men. With the exception of medic alert bracelets, there will not be many men out there sporting a bracelet on either their wrist or their ankle. Sometimes, a man can get away with a bracelet if it has the name of his wife or children on it.


It has become acceptable in our society for a man to wear earrings, sometimes on both ears. Often, men will go beyond the ear and pierce their nose, lip, eyebrow, nipple and a host of other places. Earrings have become so common on men that few people even look twice at it. Make sure your husband or boyfriend will wear an earring before you buy one for them.


For men, an expensive watch is a form of jewelry. Do not be afraid to buy him a gold or silver watch. It is one of the few forms of male jewelry that has changed little over time. If you want to go classic, get a pocket watch with a decorative chain that he can hang from his jacket.


A necklace was never seen on a man in the past, but, following World War II, necklaces became more and more fashionable. A small gold necklace with an important symbol hanging from it can be an excellent gift. But, don't go all out and buy him a jewel-encrusted necklace with some strange word hanging from it like J-Rock.
Cuff Links

This is an old staple for the male jewelry catalogue. Any classy and well-dressed male will have expensive cuff links to put on their expensive coats. Don't go for a too flashy one, but a small silver or gold cuff link can be a wonderful gift to class up any outfit.

There are other items you can buy for your husband or boyfriend if they want jewelry, including designer sunglasses, rings and other things. The things described above are some good examples of what to have and what to avoid.

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medic alert necklace-How illness attacks and medical alert jewelry systems

More and more people each day are turning to medic alert jewelry systems to insure the safety of themselves or their loved ones. Medic alert systems are giving more people independence and peace of mind.

medic alert necklace

Most medic alert jewelry systems work by giving the patient a piece of waterproof medic alert jewelry, either a pendant, bracelet, or necklace. This piece of jewelry has a help button on it that can be activated in times of distress. Once you press the button, you can immediately contact a care specialist to help you. In the case of an accident, the care specialist will guide you through your injury while making the appropriate calls to get you medical help or call 911.

That being said, there are many medic alert systems out there how do you choose the best one. First, you should choose a service that has a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. You can also see this as a trial period. I recommend trying more than one service if you are seeking longterm care. Choosing a great medic alert system is a crucial aspect to your loved ones safety.

Also, choose a provider that has its own operating center. Many medic alert systems outsource this process to a third party, sometimes from another country outside the US.

Another thing you should check is whether the monitoring center of the system, is listed under UL. The Underwriters Laboratory(UL) is the recognized standard for all monitoring centers. Being listed in the UL is a sign that the facility meets the high standards of the UL. If the company is not listed under UL, then you should move on to one that is.

There are so many medic alert systems out there. How can you find the best medic alert system?I am sure you could find one for a certain illness,as an example Asthma attacks can materialise out of nowhere with no warning. Severe asthma attacks are very horrible to both the victim and the bystanders this is where an allergy bracelet for asthma sufferers comes into its own.

If you are having a severe asthma attack you cannot tell the emergency staff what medication you are on or even that you have a history of asthma. It is feasible that the people around you won't be able to provide this information to the emergency medical professionals either. As a solution by wearing medic alert jewelry then this issue will not arise as medical professionals are prepared to look for them.

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medic alert necklace-medic alert bracelets necklaces

bracelets, necklaces

medic alert necklace-How medical alert works with asthma

medic alert necklace

As far as all asthma patient knows asthma is a disease that affects the breathing passages of the lungs (bronchioles). Asthma is caused by chronic (ongoing, long-term) inflammation of these passages. This makes the breathing passages, or airways, of the person with asthma highly sensitive to various "triggers."

a)When the inflammation is "triggered" by any number of external and internal factors, the passages swell and fill with mucus.
b)Muscles within the breathing passages contract (bronchospasm), causing even further narrowing of the airways.
c)This narrowing makes it difficult for air to be breathed out (exhaled) from the lungs.
d)This resistance to exhaling leads to the typical symptoms of an asthma attack.

medic alert necklace

I started to write about how medic alert equipment such as medic alert necklace works with asthma because i myself an asthma patient.For me wearing such an asthma medic alert like asthma medical bracelets necklaces is quite useful for those who have asthma.If you are wearing an medic alert bracelets necklaces, everyone will know what is happening and how to help you in emergency case.

We can choose the medical bracelets or necklaces style we like,we can wear a pearl necklaces as a medic alert necklaces also. There are many companies out there that make many different styles and shapes. When selecting one make sure we choose one that will work for us as an asthma patient.Do not to worry I am wearing one too. You want one that is attractive to you but at the same time it can display your asthma necessary information.

The importance for everybody to know is the information written on our medic alert necklaces or bracelets is concise and at the same time it is viable.Make sure the engraving is legible on the bracelet or medical necklaces we wearing.

In order to have people to know our information must clearly stated in correct spelling of our medication and the correct dosage to use.These medical alert bracelets or necklaces really can works with asthma patient if those important tips on what information your emergency alert bracelets or necklaces should contain.However the inhaler still we must bring together every time we go out for any reason.

medic alert necklace

Finally our convenience in wearing this medic alert must come first and throw away all those embarrassment items of wearing these informative medic alert necklaces and bracelets.

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medic alert necklace- Stealth Auction Savings

When you think of a medic alert necklace, the thought that comes to mind is the elderly. Most of us don't think about the medical situations that can happen to folks of all ages. If a diabetic goes into shock and has no way to call for help they could die. Having a diabetes necklace that can call for help for you could save a lot of lives.

It's rare that you hear of someone expiring from food allergies, but when it occurs, it frequently reaches national reports. Why? Because food is a thing we eat every day - many times per day - and everyone should be conscious of the (drawbacks dangers} of food allergies. Some foods like peanuts contain terribly robust allergens that are in the food and let out into the air too.

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That's the rationale why someone with major food allergies must be highly careful where and how they dine out. Food allergies are in control of more deaths than insect bites as well as reactions to drugs. Some food allergy deaths could have been stopped if proper medical help was given when the allergic reaction took place. With heavy reactions, the person would probably not be prepared to talk or move at all.
Even these symptoms can appear urgent when they are actually not, so emergency staff might attend to someone with these symptoms too. When dining out, ask the waiter if the food you are about to order contains the ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction.

Also, check food labels and labels on drinks and seasonings while grocery shopping to be certain it's safe before eating. Keep a listing of the foods you are allergic to with you in your purse as as a reminder when dining out. If you have already experienced a significant food allergy attack, ask your surgeon about a self-injecting epinephrine to keep with you for emergencies.

Keep this information in your purse so emergency workers will know the best way to take care of you when they arrive. You can get a medic alert wallet to carry these in. Emergency workers simply recognize these because each Medical Alert Wallet has a 'Medic Alert' symbol and a free Medical Data Card with each wallet. With a little preparation and a Medical Alert Wallet, you will have peace when dining out or eating at a pal's house.

In summary, having a medic alert necklace, a med alert bracelet.medic pearl necklace and a medical alert wallet all have their specific roles and can each be beneficial in saving lives.

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medic alert necklace-Medical alarm emergency alert panic button

medic alert necklace

Perhaps you suffer from an ailment that leaves you prone to accidents? Maybe you are in a wheelchair and live alone? Medical alarms can be your friend in need as you reach emergency responders with the push of a button.
Medical alarms are available for the old and young alike. Anybody who may need emergency help and cannot do it on their own can use these systems.

The alarms come with 24/7 monitoring by qualified staff ready and able to aid you during your medical emergency. Set-up is quick and easy. The alarms consist of a base unit that can be activated remotely from a wireless alert button. Feel like a day outside in the nice weather? The range not only covers indoors, but outdoors up to 400 feet.

When you suddenly find yourself in need of emergency services if you are nearby all you need to do is depress the emergency button on your medical alarm console. You're not near the console? Don't be frightened - simply depress your panic button on your wireless alert device. The portable wireless panic button can be worn three different ways: as a pendant, bracelet or clipped to your belt. Each one is waterproof so you can wear them at all times: even in the shower, tub or pool!

How does the system work for you? When you activate the medic alert system by pressing your panic button, you are connected to staff ready to help. They will decipher your need and if no one answers their two-way communication, emergency vehicles are dispatched instantly. You will have your personalmedical history on file to aid in your care.
There is nothing to worry about when the responders are called. They will be able to get to you quite easily. The EMTs will find you in your home, yard or wherever you were when you pressed your panic button. They will cater to you; you do not need to find them once they arrive.

The medic alarm system simply plugs into a power outlet and your home phone system and you're ready to go! Put on your medic alert bracelet or medic alert necklace and you will begin to regain your independence. For added security in your health and well being, research the First Response Medic Alert System to ease your mind.

First Response Systems, Inc is a leading provider of personal emergency response systems and medical alert pendants. First Response's medic alarm systems feature a medic alert that is a high-tech, professional-quality, long range emergency medical alarm and personal panic button system from as low as $1.00/a day. Visit for more information.

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medic alert necklace- An affordable lifesaving tools.

For those who are already wearing a medic alert necklace or bracelet definitely have no question on mind whether this medical alert things are really a useful material and is this things really an affordable lifesaving tools.To answer and clear all civilian minds on this matter, there are a few things we have to know before purchasing any medic alert necklace,charm or bracelet.

Firstly we have to know and specify what kind of medical ID we should wear and If we are unsure whether we need to wear a medical ID tag,we must search or consult our physician or pharmacist or doctors.For information a person who should wear these medic alert material partially are:-

* Diabetes
* Heart disease (angina, atrial fibrillation, pacemakers)
* Blood thinners/anticoagulants (Coumadin/Warfarin)/even aspirin
* Drug allergies (such as Penicillin)
* Food allergies (such as peanut)
* Insect allergies (such as bee stings)
* Alzheimer's/Dementia/Memory impairment
* Anemia
* Ankylosing Spondylitis
* Arrhythmias
* Asthma
* Autism
* Bariatric surgery patients
* Blood disorders
* Breathing disorders
* Cerebral Palsy
* Clinical trial patients
* Cystic Fibrosis
* Emphysema
* Epilepsy, seizures
* Hearing, sight or mentally impaired
* Hypertension
* Kidney failure
* Mental health patients
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Parkinson's Disease
* People taking multiple medications
* Rare diseases
* Special needs children
* Stroke risk
* Surgery, transplant or cancer patients
* Tourette Syndrome

Secondly we have to know from where we are buying these medic alert necklace,medical ID tag,charm and medic alert bracelet. If we know from where we are going to get all these medic alert things probably we can consider this medical stuff are really an affordable lifesaving tools.

The third things we have to know what are the criteria of medical alert we can get from buying all of these medical material from seller such as :-

1)personalized engraving or sizing
2)online medical registry 24/7 access
3)membership fees
4)free engraving warranty

If we already completing all 3 things above now we can consider whether all that medical material really an affordable lifesaving tools or is just another expensive medical equipment without considering the use of that medic alert stuff.

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medic alert necklace-Medical Alert Jewelry with Style

Even though we are a advanced civilization, millions of people throughout the world are susceptible to incapacitation because of a wide range of medical, environmental, and food borne ailments, which if left untreated, could lead to serious bodily injury, or even worse, death. Fortunately, these individuals have the option of carrying a card, wearing a tag, bracelet, or necklace which speaks for them when they are unable to speak for themselves.

medic alert necklace

A medic alert tag not only lists the ailment, but it can also list your 24 hour emergency response number, which has all of your medical history in their databases. When medical staff has access to this information, it can save precious time. Some of the more common declarations you might find on medic alert tags:

Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Memory impairment

Allergies (Food, Insect, Dust, Plants, Pollen, Pollution, Pet Dander)


Ankylosing Spondylitis



Bariatric surgery patients

Blood type or disorders

Blood thinners/anticoagulants (Coumadin/Warfarin)/including aspirin

Breathing disorders

Cerebral Palsy

Clinical trial patients

medic alert necklace


Cystic Fibrosis


Dialysis patient

Drug/Medicine allergies



Hearing, Visual, or Mental impairment

Heart disease (angina, atrial fibrillation, pacemakers)


Insect allergies

Kidney failure

Mental health patients

Multiple medications

Multiple Sclerosis


medic alert necklace

Parkinson's Disease

Multiple medications

Rare diseases

Special needs children

Stroke risk

Transplant or cancer patients

Tourette Syndrome

What's really neat is that those who suffer from any of these or other ailments (particularly children), no longer have to wear a boring or awkward piece of jewelry which attracts negative attention, or promotes teasing or taunting by other children. Bands can be made with a variety of colors, character beads, crystals etc. to personalize it. The bands are made with 2 clasps, making it easy to change to match any outfit. Medic alert jewelry can now be worn with pride.

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medic alert necklace-Protecting Your Loved Ones With Medical Alarms

medic alert necklace

Medical alarms, sometimes referred to as medic alert systems, are essentially tiny personal emergency medical devices that are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The purpose of these miracle devices is to provide protection for seniors and those in ill health or a weakened state. If your loved one experiences amedical emergency, the monitoring system provided by medical alarms makes it possible to reach help immediately and easily.

A medic alert device is usually wireless and small - a modern-age medical alarm is small enough to be worn as a necklace, pendant, watch, on a key chain, or as a medical alert bracelet. Most of these devices, such as a medic alert necklace, are waterproof as well, ensuring the person wearing it won't unintentionally cause damage.
Seniors enjoy a wide breadth of benefits from wearing a medical alarm. For one, medic alert devices allow seniors to live a fully independent life without sacrificing a sense of safety. Providing security and instant access to emergency services, a medical alarm can do wonders in improving the life of your aging loved ones.

These systems are easy to set up and use - all you need is a reliable phone line in the residence so that the alarm can contact the appropriate services if and when they are required. Seniors usually wear the device to ensure they have access to help at all times. Working through a wireless connection to the telephone line and emergency console, a medical alarm allows for the ultimate in flexibility, as the console can be installed anywhere within the home.

How does the system work? Simply put, a medical alarm system dives into action when the person wearing the device presses the emergency button in the event of a problem. This activates the medic alert system wirelessly and sends information to the console. At this point the system is instructed to either contact the company's 24 hour response center, or it will automatically dial the list of emergency contacts you have stored on the alarm system. If no answer is received on the other end, system will continue to dial the emergency numbers, and resort to contacting 911 if necessary.

Most alert systems include certain basic features, including two-way communication between you and the emergency response center. Most medical alarm systems operate with the use of wireless technology so that communication can be established as quickly as possible.
Emergency auto dialers are another feature to seek out when shopping for medical alarm systems. Systems with this option allow you to program numbers into the alert system, including those of family, friends, doctors, neighbors, and anyone else you need.

A bio-monitoring alarm system is another excellent feature to consider. When a system has this feature, the device monitors heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and other bodily functions.

Medical pagers built into a systems are an added feature for day-to-day living that reminds seniors when to take their medication. When medical alarm systems are equipped with an extra feature such as this, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is truly protected. Systems installed with Medic Alert add even more protection, as a system with this feature can identify a patient and their known health problems.Medical alarm systems have come a long way over the years. And with medic alert devices making strides each year, you can be sure the devices of the future will be even more advanced.

A senior medical alarm is about more than just convenience - it is about freedom, independence, and peace of mind. These devices make it easier for your loved ones and yourself to feel secure. A medic alert device acts as a lifeline that could save someone you love in an emergency situation.

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medic alert necklace-Basic Considerations When Choosing Medical Alert Products

medic alert necklace

Disasters can strike anytime and at the least expected moment, that is why medical alert products are good tools to have in a home. It would be good advice to purchase such products even before disasters strike. Many have the tendency to forego buying up until a medical emergency or accident occurred in a home and it would all be too late. Some would not buy even after an accident has already occurred.
Choosing medic alert products based on cost and value is a basic consideration, although selection should not be centered only in these criteria. Although purchase price and possible monthly fees are things to look for, before selecting a medic product for their own use there are other considerations that people should look at. Comparing products between manufacturers would be a good start, although the following guidelines could also provide valuable information.

Who Will Use these Devices?

In some emergency situations, the victim was unable to communicate their predicament to other people for failure to voice out or failure to reach a telephone to dial and make emergency calls. This is the primary reason why medic alert products like a medic alert necklace or a charm that is easy to reach are needed. People who would need such products include but are not limited to:
* Elderly people living on their own or seniors who are left alone frequently

* People with medical conditions that may immobilize or render them lose utility of bodily movements

* Babysitters who may need access to emergency medical response systems

* Woodworkers, miners and other people in high-risk jobs with hazardous working conditions

* Anyone who wants a ready emergency medical alert system at home

The Features Included in these Systems

Medical alert systems vary in the components that are included in the system. Basic features in most systems include:

* A wireless transmitter in the form of a medical alert pendant or watches with a built-in emergency button

* A base unit or a central medical alert dialer and console unit with super-sensitive microphones and a two-way speakerphone that will automatically dial pre-programmed numbers when the emergency button is pressed

* Audible alarm system when the emergency button is pressed

* Flashing lights on the console itself or interconnected with housing lights

* Extended battery life ranging from 18 to 24 hours without a power supply

* Motion detectors or fall sensors

Affiliation / Endorsement by Medical Institutions

The medic alert devices of your choosing should be affiliated or endorsed by a major medical foundation or institution who can recommend its use. The product should also have a reputable medical monitoring center that can respond 24/7 to emergency calls made from the console.

Cost Effectiveness of the System

When purchasing such products, choose a package with many plans offered at discount packages. If the company can offer free shipping and installation then it would be better. Warranties and guarantees should also be an intrinsic part. Inquire also about the provider’s after-sales service and maintenance support.

People looking for medic alert systems can consider several factors before purchasing a unit. Knowing these factors and considerations is an effective way of getting the best products for you or your family’s use.

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medic alert necklace-Better Designs For Medical Alert Jewelry

medic alert necklace

There are thousands of people who have medical conditions for which they need to alert others about by wearing some sort of identification tag. A doctor may recommend that patients with conditions such as diabetes or those who have allergies wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace.

Until recently, women have worn metal medical identification tags that might be described as unattractive or even boring. They serve their function, but you wouldn't call them stylish. Even as recently as a few years ago, the bulk of the medic alert jewelry on the market worn by patients was bulky and utterly unattractive.
However, there actually have been some quite unique developments when it comes to the styling and composition of medical alert jewelry. In other words, medical alert jewelry no longer is something that a person tries to hide or be embarrassed about. Some jewelry designers have become aware of the fact that some people still want to look their best even though they have a medical condition.
The newest offerings are the charm bracelet, and the charm necklace. Also being offered is a medical ID tag that looks like a charm and can be added to any existing jewelry from a diamond tennis bracelet to one made of silver or gold. Its ability to be attractive, attach to any kind of fine jewelry, and send an important medical emergency message has made it successful. It's nice looking and it doesn't shout, "I'm sick! I have a serious medical condition. In a medical emergency, these IDs allow medics or other medical professionals to give prompt, precise treatment.

Universal acceptance makes wearing a medic alert ID an excellent form of preventive medicine. It also gives individuals with medical condition more security and peace of mind that someone will be alerted of their condition in case of an emergency. High-grade metals are used for engraving surfaces, including solid stainless steel, sterling silver, 10-karat gold-filled, and 10-karat and 14-karat gold.

Now, we should discuss the jewelry designer and the challenges that designing medic jewelry may present to those dabbling into this new market. For one thing jewelry designers have to find a way to cater to this new market without the appearance of wanting to "cash in" on peoples illnesses. Second they have to keep in mind the purpose for wearing of medic jewelry and not let the fashion or style override its purpose. This can be a bit of a balancing act for designers who decide to take on this new fashion venture.

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medic alert necklace-Caregivers! Discover a peace of mind from medical alert neklace

medic alert necklace

Imagine that your elderly family member is alone at home while you are away running errands. He reaches for a cup on a table and slips and falls on his hip and gashes his head. He is nowhere near a phone and is unable to stand up. Luckily, you installed a medical alert system earlier in the week. He presses the emergency button on the medic alert necklace and is immediately talking to an operator through the call box. The operator calmly assesses the situation and dispatches 911 to your home. The paramedics arrive and take your loved one to the hospital. You reunited with them 30 minutes later and find out that he is disoriented but ok. Luckily, medical care arrived in time to prevent further injury.

Are you a family caregiver who is afraid to leave your loved one alone because you fear for their safety? How can you get some peace of mind when running errands and taking time to yourself while ensuring the safety of your loved one? Consider a medical alert system.

How do I choose a great medic alert system? There are a few important things to consider:
1.) 30 Day money back guarantee
2.) UL Listing
3.) Trained In House Phone Operators

30 Day Money Back Guarantee- A satisfaction guarantee can serve as a trial period. I recommend that you try more than one service.

UL Listing- The Underwriters Laboratory is the standard for monitoring centers. Being listed means the company meets the high communications criteria of the UL.
Trained In House Operators- Make sure the company trains and employs operators themselves and does not outsource calls to other companies. This ensures that the company has control over the quality of the serve. The best companies constantly review the emergency calls.

You can get this information by simply calling the services you are considering purchasing.
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medic alert necklace- Medical alert services

medic alert necklace

Certain companies provide Medical Alert Services not only to senior citizens, but also to persons of all ages who suffer from critical medical conditions which may deteriorate suddenly and necessitate an SOS for immediate help. It may also be noted that such medical emergencies not only occur in case of sick persons, but may also overtake the perfectly healthy. Suppose you are in peak health, driving on the road and then someone driving under the influence of liquor crashes into your car, leaving you in need of urgent medical help. Or you may be sitting alone in your home and you feel suffocated, seized with a panic and in need of immediate medical help.

This is where the Medical Alert Service agencies step in to help you. The services supply very easy-to-use buttons or electronic transmission devices that can be activated just by pressing a button fitted in a medic alert necklace or bracelet. It may be stitched on your pillow or on your bed close to your arm or waist.

The moment you press the transmission button or the command module, it sends a panic alarm through radio frequencies to the base station of the Medical Alert Service, which monitors your call. It has your personal and medical details in its database, and instantly alerts your family members or doctor, as the case may be. These devices are also fitted with consoles, which immediately contact your family members or doctors, who can respond to your call immediately. They also try to talk directly to you, if you can respond. This also helps monitor your condition.
Some of these Medical Alert Services perform all the monitoring tasks themselves, while others contract out the job to other agencies. Some of these services may be excellent, while other may be just lousy. The best course to decide about the quality of their services, their devices and their credentials is to contact the state certifying department. Any negligence in this area of enquiry may cost you

no medic alert necklace no medical alert
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medic alert necklace-How medical alert necklace become useful material

medic alert necklace

Millions of persons suffer from a number of harmful medical conditions, which can include cardiovascular problems, diabetes, asthma, neurological disorders, allergies, fainting, epilepsy, memory loss or blindness, to name a few. People are not safe in their homes, for the fear of an attack occurring when they are home alone. Also, they may fear to venture out of their homes freely. The situation becomes all the more serious when a person lives alone. Also, financial constraints may compel him to work, even if he suffers from some serious debilitating ailment.

Medic Alert necklace are very helpful for such persons. These necklaces and the pendants with them can be engraved with brief but vital medical bio data and the ID of the patient—for example, his or her name, telephone number, name of the doctor and a brief description of the person’s illness. They can be made in beautiful designs in steel, sterling silver or gold.

In addition to the above information, such necklaces can also be fitted with very small, lightweight and non-intrusive electronic medical alarm transmitter buttons designed to alert emergency services in the event of a medical problem. For example, if you slip and fall in your bathroom and fracture your hip, all you need to do is to press the button on your medic alert necklace and you can get help in a short time. This system can connect to your home telephone line and place a call for help. Your family members, friends and physician receive the alert, and the doctor reaches you with the help you need. These gadgets may be expensive, but a little search may enable you to find you inexpensive medical alarm systems also. These devices are fitted with batteries, which have a pretty long life.
It is important, before buying such alarms or alert systems, that you make a thorough enquiry about the services of the monitoring agency- whether it is doing the monitoring itself, or contracted out the job. The monitoring should be professional and efficient, since lives are at stake. Efforts, therefore, should be made to buy the gadgets and services of a certified monitoring agency.

suggestion:Pearl necklace as a medic alert necklace
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medic alert necklace-How Can a Medical Alert Necklace Can Bring You More Independence?

medic alert necklace

Luckily, there are medic alert systems that will give you greater peace of mind when you are away from your loved one. A medical alert system works using two pieces of equipment; the first a medic alert necklace, pendant, or bracelet and second a monitoring console that looks like a call box. On the piece of medic alert jewelry there is an alert button that relays to the monitoring console. The monitoring console immediately contacts a care specialist. The care specialist, in turn responds to your call and communicates with you through the monitoring console. The care specialist is responsible for calling 911, contacting your emergency contacts, or simply opening the gate in a gated community for medical personnel.

These systems are an essential tool if you do plan to go the home health care route. It gives you extraordinary peace of mind knowing that your family member will be safe in times of emergency.

There are a few things to look for when selecting a medical alert system.

1.) 30-day money back guarantee

2.) Trained in house care specialists

3.) UL Listing
1.) First, make sure that the company has a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. This can be your trial period. I recommend that you try more than one system to make sure the response time, customer service, and equipment is up to your standards.

2.) Secondly, make sure that the company trains their phone operators in house. They should employ their own phone operators and not outsource it. This ensures that the company reviews each call and that the phone operators are properly trained to respond in emergency situations.

3.) Last, make sure the company is listed on the Underwriter's Laboratory(UL). The UL is the recognized standard in monitoring centers. Being listed in the UL means that the company has met the high communications standards of the UL.

Finding a quality medical alert system is a critical part of safety in home health care. There are so many medical alert systems out there. How can you find the best medic alert system?

suggestion:Pearl necklace as a medic alert necklace
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