Saturday, November 14, 2009

medic alert necklace-What you should know about 'Medic Alert'

Medic Alert

There are many people in our midst who suffer from special medical conditions or sensitivity to drugs which require special treatment.The sufferers are unable to tell the doctor of their special conditions when they are helpless or unconscious.Wrong treatment may endanger their lives.Special treatment are needed in emergency case.

What medic alert does

Medic alert foundation helps these people by providing them through their doctors with medic alert necklace or bracelets on which their special dissabilities are engraved,so that when the need arise,attending doctors will be able to provide the correct treatment which may help save their lives.

People may help to save lives

The time we came across an accident victim or an unconscious person,we may help to save their lives by:-

a)having rendered first aid,then look to see whether the person is wearing a medic alert emblem such as medic alert necklace or bracelets on their neck or wrist.

b)remind the policemen,nurse,attendant or any other medical person attending to the patient that medic alert emblem must be shown to the doctor immediately.

c)Inform the doctor if a doctor is present.

Under those circumstances a fast help to the patient most probably will save lives and remember no medic alert no medic alert necklace.


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