Tuesday, October 27, 2009

medic alert necklace-Pain begone


While many believe that chronic pain is caused by an initial mishap like a serious injury or infection,that are many adult who suffer chronic pain without having gone through an injury or without evidence of any body damage

Common chronic pain complaints include headache,lower back pain,arthritis or psychogenic pain.Does this ring any medical alert bells with you?Most sufferers tend to blame it on not being fit or think that it is completely natural to come home aching from a hard day's work.It is not.

The fact is if you're suffering,you have the right to seek medical advice and treatment.Before heading to your physician keep a pain diary for a month.How does the pain occur and how does it change at different times of the day?Before or after meals?With exercise?Does it keep you from restful sleep?

Describe your pain:throbbing,sharp,dull,shooting,burning or cold?What makes it better or worse?This would help your doctor better in determining the pain's cause.

Basically,it is really serious when it starts affecting you not just physically but emotionally and socially as well.

Furthermore pain medications can give you temporary relief but they also give you side effects such as bleeding,allergy and most drastically,addiction.Gain back control of your life is to learn to manage your pain instead of "bearing" with it.

no medical alert no medic alert necklace.


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