Saturday, September 26, 2009

medic alert necklace-Medic poem

medic alert necklace

I fell out the bloomin tree again
And landed on me head
I just wanted a plaster on
But they stitched me up instead
I hate the sight of needles
Why upset me - I'm in pain!
Just stick a little plaster on
And I won't do it again
But that's not how it works you know
And the Doctor knows what's best
And he does a quicker job you know
If you're good and not a pest
So I sit still and then pretend
I'm a soldier from a war
And it makes me feel much braver
Than I've ever felt before
Or I'm injured in the Cup Final
And I need to have a stitch
So I let the Doctor patch me up
To get back out on the pitch
I really feel a hero then
Cos those men don't make a fuss
Besides I don't want the nurses
To think that I'm a wuss

no medic alert necklace no medical alert

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