Monday, August 24, 2009

medic alert necklace-Caregivers! Discover a peace of mind from medical alert neklace

medic alert necklace

Imagine that your elderly family member is alone at home while you are away running errands. He reaches for a cup on a table and slips and falls on his hip and gashes his head. He is nowhere near a phone and is unable to stand up. Luckily, you installed a medical alert system earlier in the week. He presses the emergency button on the medic alert necklace and is immediately talking to an operator through the call box. The operator calmly assesses the situation and dispatches 911 to your home. The paramedics arrive and take your loved one to the hospital. You reunited with them 30 minutes later and find out that he is disoriented but ok. Luckily, medical care arrived in time to prevent further injury.

Are you a family caregiver who is afraid to leave your loved one alone because you fear for their safety? How can you get some peace of mind when running errands and taking time to yourself while ensuring the safety of your loved one? Consider a medical alert system.

How do I choose a great medic alert system? There are a few important things to consider:
1.) 30 Day money back guarantee
2.) UL Listing
3.) Trained In House Phone Operators

30 Day Money Back Guarantee- A satisfaction guarantee can serve as a trial period. I recommend that you try more than one service.

UL Listing- The Underwriters Laboratory is the standard for monitoring centers. Being listed means the company meets the high communications criteria of the UL.
Trained In House Operators- Make sure the company trains and employs operators themselves and does not outsource calls to other companies. This ensures that the company has control over the quality of the serve. The best companies constantly review the emergency calls.

You can get this information by simply calling the services you are considering purchasing.
no medic alert necklace no medical alert
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