Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Medical alert to catch a killer

The reason to wear medical alert such as pendant or necklace may come to high possibility to catch a burglar,thief or even a killer.What had happened somewhere in March 2012 to a Black Marine veteran maybe a negative impression but if we look at it in a positive way this might turn to a very strong needs to have a medical pendant.Watch this video below.

What had happened to Kenneth Chamberlain Sr 68, was not a mistake at all.Look at it in a positive side instead of taking it into judgement of not wearing a medical alert.Even though the involved police name was not  released, the wearing of medical alert stand still as a workable and efficient tools to save life.

“In the other incidents that you have out here of questionable shootings, the officers' names were given out. So it only makes my family and I wonder why isn't this officer’s name released?” said Chamberlain Jr. “Had that been myself or any other citizen inside here that shot and killed someone, our whole life history would be on television, on the radio and in the newspaper. I feel that it’s only right, it’s only fair that that officer’s name be released.”

As an incident's conclusion , the medical alert actually is a very effective tool to catch a killer when the alarm triggered even in such a conspiracy cases as above.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Know the kiwiruit nutrient

Everyone likes fruits because of the taste and starts to consume daily in large quantity.However there are only a few people who knows details of fruits nutrient,what is inside the fruits,what the fruits may give us in return for consuming.

 Vitamin C will always the main cause to take fruits in our daily diet.Beauty skin with high fibre is the reason why people consume fruit.Kiwifruit is the most nutrient compact among all the fruits allover the world.

Kiwifruit may give us almost all the nutrient that we need everyday.In Kiwifruit we may get 60 percent energy,proteins,vitamins even mineral such as mangan,magnesium fosforus etc. Bacteria in Kiwifruit also good for digestion and is proven to control sugar level in our body system.

It is also a free radical antioksidant to cure stomach ache due to digesting enzyme. In comparison Kiwifruit is also the highest vitamin C producer than orange.Enriched with potassium,vitamin E, carotene and other antioksidant makes Kiwifruit as the nutrient fruit to consume in order for advance protection of body system.

Kiwifruit  also good for pregnant woman to get highest folic acid in order to build the blood cell and development.Kiwifruit has made up itself as a low calories fruit and becoming a good chosen fruit for diet.


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Act FAST to save life

The important part is to act fast in what we consider as a saviour,as long as can save life.Medical saviour item consist of many such as symptoms,signs etc even a necklace and bracelet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Significance of having medical tattoo option

As far as medical concerns,having medical alert in any forms such as necklace,pendant,bracelet even tattoo are heading towards a positive medical side.An option device that people needs.Sending medical information to people using tattoo looks very modern and yet very useful.

 Years ago tattooing in medical described as type of vital information in military to show blood type for death and injury.Years developed and tattoo has been accepted as medical practice to certain people who wants to look different in sending medical message to people.

 Applying medical tattoo is not as easy as wearing necklace,bracelets,etc,it is depend to doctor's consultation before putting it into practice.

Some years  ago  people applying tattoo to hide  scars,cultural needs,appearance etc without concentrating on the message that tattoo might give,however in years to come this option has becoming a trend  of looking good in appearance and sending  medical message as well. Attraction is no longer an item of having tattoo.

Bear in mind as long as lifesaving tools,any kind of device ,in any form as long as it helps in sending message for lifesaving it would be a significant item in medical field.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

medic alert necklace-Even a necklace poem shows an importance

The Necklace

I'd been invited to a ball.
My gown was nice, but needed more.
And so I gave a friend a call,
Who lent a necklace which I wore.
The diamonds sparkled in the light.
I felt so special with them on.
In joy, I danced away the night,
Till I noticed the necklace gone.
I couldn't find it anywhere.
So, I bought one like it instead.
The years of debt were hard to bear.
One day I told my friend. She said,

'All your problems were such a waste, '
'Because that necklace was just paste.

The necklace poem by Ima Ryma

The necklace which I deliberately picked from Ima Ryna page showed on how the necklace are needed and how the necklace might lost to cover debt etc.

It also showed us how the importance of wearing necklace all time for protection.The same credit goes to medical necklace.The importance of wearing medical necklaces are defininitely valuable to all in lifesaving and further medical judgement.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Do not let your loved ones suffer in longer pain

Hi folks,

This is quite relevant to what I keep explaining to everyone about why we need to wear and use either each one of these medical alert item:-
1)medical necklace
2)medical bracelet
3)medical alarm

My neighbour has a cerebral palsy daughter of age about 3 years old.One unlucky day his daughter having a very hard fever and the body temperature went straight up to more than 37 degree celcius and needs an immediate doctor's attention.Unfortunately both my neighbour were at their office.His daughter start crying and her body shivering like she was in a deep need for help.
Their maid started to panic and forgot the things she needs to do.It was about 30 minutes later she called her employer and asked for help.The cerebral palsy daughter was suffering and getting worst at that time when the help arrived.From stage 1 it went straight to stage 3 cerebral palsy which needs most attention from custodian.It means her daughter was almost totally paralysed with no reflects from any parts of her body.

I was quite shocked to hear this.It cannnot be happened like that if he had a medical alarm whereby fast attention he obviously can get from medical personnel.At least the monitoring medical alarm company could go to the site immediately.

Do not let your loved ones suffer in longer pain.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

medic alert necklace-Something in common

All people who lives on earth must have something in common which is not referring to any clinical factor but more to physical,mental and health.We all need a guidance in order to move forward in life and also to live healthy as healthy as we can be in this wonderful world named earth.

At present we might be featuring we are healthy enough to move,to eat,to walk,to dance,to swim,etc, but we must remember this cannot be long because inside our body we already had something which called disease which also develop day by day since its right time to appear maybe at our age of 80,70,60 even 50 and below.

What we might have and face could be something in common to many others and also will exactly directing our mind and body system to a certain kind of panic situation because of the virus which already building up their chain of generation inside our body system.

People who realize that one day we will face this panic situation will certainly think of something as a protection such as panic and emergency situation which exactly refers to medical alarm,medical jewelry and medical bracelets as well just to alert others of their medication in this kind of panic attack which is also something in common which happen to many of us as long as we breathe.

It is better to take precaution because we might have something in common as human to live and to  care for our health in panic and emergency situation.


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